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China Hydarulic Transfer Machine factory

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Name: JD400W slant bed track CNC lathe (heavy cutting line rail)
Machine overview:
JD400W slant bed CNC machine tool is a high speed, high precision, high reliability of CNC lathe, cast iron parts using resin sand casting process, after high temperature aging treatment, ensure permanent stability of machine tool guideway using 35 degrees Angle, machine tool rigidity can be greatly improved, the rail line roller adopt Taiwan linear guide for heavy cutting processing.With 12 working servo knife tower and hydraulic tail seat, all kinds of products and shafts required by multi-station tool can be processed at one time.The power cutter tower can be integrated with car, milling, drilling, boring, tapping and other functions, which can ensure precision and improve efficiency and reduce cost.
The machine looks beautiful and humanized design.

Main configuration
Taiwan new generation 211A bus system (or Beijing KND system)
Anchuan drive and motor (screw drive)
Resin sand casting (domestic)
Taiwan main shaft (sleeve type)
Taiwan screw
Automatic lubricating system (domestic)
Special bearing for screw rod (NTN or NSK)
Linear guide (Taiwan)
8-inch hydraulic hollow three-jaw chuck (Taiwan)
Construction servo knife tower (Taiwan)
Servo main motor
Main electrical components (schneider)
Hydraulic tailstock
Automatic chip cleaner
According to the requirements of the customer, the selection

Main technical parameters
The maximum rotary diameter of the bedmmɸ420
Maximum machining diametermmɸ380
Maximum Z travelmm550
Maximum machining shaft lengthmm450within
Maximum X strokemm245(radius value)
Fast moving speedm/minX:24 z:24
Diameter of spindle holemmɸ62
The nasal end of the ɸ200 spindle unit--A2-6
Hollow hydraulic rotary oil cylinder--852(can pass ɸ52 within the bar)
Spindle motor powerkw7.5servo(9/11)
Spindle speedrpm5000
Cutter areamm25x25(20x20)
X direction, Z to motor torquenm10nb 10n
X to, Z to the motor
Straight league
X direction, Z to the screw bar specification
X:3210 z:4010
X direction, Z toward the ball
X:35   z:35
Maximum stroke of tail socketmm100
Taper of the hole in the socket sleevemtNO.4(NO.5)
Repeat positioning accuracymm0.002
Positioning accuracy (machine precision)mm0.01
Chuck specificationsmmɸ200(8”)(10”)
Cooling water pump powerw450High pressure centrifugal pump
Machine weightkg≈3000
Machine dimensionsmm≈2300x1620x1780
Equipment details

Analysis of the popularity of the CNC lathe
The nc lathe precision is flexible and durable, the appearance is generous and practical, has the multiple advantages of the cutter and the machine.The most suitable processing used in the field of aviation, electronics, clocks and watches of all kinds of high precision, multiple batch, precision machining of complex shape parts, can be widely used, favored by users is mainly structure characteristics and its performance has a close relationship.
The structural features of the CNC lathe are as follows:
1. Linear rolling guide meets high speed and high efficiency requirements, reduces friction resistance and temperature rise deformation, improves machining accuracy, and can guarantee the long-term stability of cutting precision.
2. The tool detection device can automatically input the tip position data into the numerical control system, greatly reducing the time when changing the time of the switch, and automatically compensating the wear and tear of the blade.
3. Slant bed lathe adopts domestic or imported high rigid horizontal turret tool holder with high positioning accuracy and low retangling deformation.
4. Standard configuration: the main shaft stepless speed adjustment, hydraulic chuck, hydraulic tail seat, horizontal eight station tool holder, closed protection.
5. The slant bed lathe adopts the whole slant bed frame, and the stability of machine tool accuracy can be maintained when recutting.

Q:How do I get a quotation?
A:Let us design according to your purchase request, we will reply you as soon as possible, and you can contact us directly by phone or email.
Q:Can you provide a customized machine?
A:Yes, our company can be customized according to customer's requirements
Q:Can you provide training for operating machines?
A:Yes, our factory has free trainingChina Hydarulic Transfer Machine factory
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