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Fresh Potato price

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Product feature:
High quality potatoes, no pollution, no insects, no spots, skin thin and complete high quality products, home production base and large processing plant, guarantee high quality
Complete tubers: ≧ 90%
The fraction: ≦ 3%
Producing area: Shandong
Grade: level 1
Safety: pollution-free vegetables
Packing specification: 10kg / carton 20kg / carton or According to customer requirements
Product size: 50-100g 100-150g 150g-200g 200g +
MOQ; 1 * 40FCL
Supply capacity: 1000 tonnes a week
Selling point advantage
The original ecological planting: do not use pesticides and fertilizers, environmental health
Hand Pick delivery: manual fine selection, quality assurance, rest assured orders
Professional storage: a professional storage warehouse to ensure that fresh straight hair
Beautiful packaging: clean and safe carton packaging, buy comfortable
Adapt to the crowd
Vegetable wholesale, supermarket direct supply, non-staple food processing, home purchase, hotel direct supply
Our company is equipped with food production, processing and export capacity of the formal food processing enterprises, the use of HACCP food safety management system. The main business scope of fresh vegetables, products include fresh onions, garlic, potatoes, white radish, carrots, ginger, taro, potatoes and so on. Products are exported to Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and other countries and regions, enjoy a very good reputation around. Company advanced equipment and technology excellent. Workshop design in strict accordance with the health standards of food processing enterprises, all kinds of ancillary facilities. Laboratory can be part of the detection of pesticide residues in vegetables, soil testing, testing of organic and inorganic fertilizers more than 30 test items.Fresh Potato price
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answered Mar 13 by profilmageauto